Sunday , May 22 2022

Rescue of climbers falling into the cracking of the Lanín volcano – Télam continues


Today, more than 40 brigadists, "extreme climatic conditions", climbing the northern face of the volcano volcano Lanín was looking at the last climber.

It was stated today by Lencan National Park's Intencency, that more than 40 people participated in the joint rescue operation, including National Parks, Argentine Army personnel, National Gendarmerie staff and professional mountain guides.

"Due to extreme weather conditions in the high mountains, with low visibility and strong winds, the teams were forced to stay overnight at the BIM shelter (Batallón Infantería de Montaña at 2,315 meters above sea level)", he added. Intendance in an expression.

"Also, the governor of Neuquén, the Bell 407 helicopter, located at the base of the Lanín volcano, was awaiting a climate improvement that would begin with escaping over the mountain." Said.

Intendancy, meanwhile, said "as far as the weather permits, the rescue groups will approach the CAJA shelter at about 300 meters high."

Finally, he recalled, "due to the current weather and rescue operations, the Lanín volcano will remain closed until further notice."

The 50-year-old Neuquén mountain climber dropped yesterday in the afternoon in a crack and was hanged with safety ropes in the 10 m clearance when they began to descend to 3,000 meters in height of the Neuquén massif together with other passengers. .

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