Wednesday , October 20 2021

Religious and controversial images: Ask the Virgin to return to the airport | I Rosario3.Co


A wall painting of the Virgin Mary was removed in a reconstruction of the Rosary Lady in one of the revenues of the Rosario airport in 1985 and He was kept in a stable for 15 years. Now, the priest Carlos Costa and the author of the majolica Juan Fantoni, demanded relocated the picture. The demand demanded by other Catholic associations is in the midst of discussions on religious images in public spaces and growing secularism.

According to a report on Thursday Telenoch to (Three) majolica would Blessed by the Pope During his visit to Rosario in 1987, John Paul II.

When retired rebuilding new airport. At that time, 15 years ago, it was decided cut wall to save and was kept in a hut.

The demand to put a virgin mural at the airport was made at a time when society was arguing. The relationship between the Church and the State.

In this context, the Rosario Council asked for the abolition of religious symbols and images established by the province's Ministries of Education and Health last month. Schools and hospitals in the state of Santafesino He has jurisdiction over Rosario.

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