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Rejecting bank branches at supermarkets and service stations


November 30, 2018 – 15:44
The Banking Association stated that it rejects the BCRA measure, which allows legal entities to make agreements with chains, supermarkets or service stations, given that they are in breach of the safety and work regulations to which the performance of the activities should be managed.

The Banking Association denied the measure of the Central Bank (BCRA) and rejected it for violating the security and labor standards that allowed institutions to make agreements to establish chains of home appliances, supermarkets or service stations and small branches. They should manage the performance of the activity.

Ği In violation of the provisions of the new provision of the Central Bank, all banking services should only be carried out by workers in appropriate facilities that meet the safety standards required by the risk. A note sent by the General Secretary of La Bancaria Sergio Palazzo to the Central Bank creates banking activity for employees, customers and the public.

Guido Sandleris, which Telam agreed on, addressed the BCRA president, “If security today is far from adequate in financial institutions, it will result in the previously mentioned ğı complementary institutions,. Disposal of the Central Bank also violates the working day of 7.30 am, working Monday to Friday, 5 hours of public attention.

Sergio Palazzo, owner of La Bancaria

Palazzo finally wants an "urgent" meeting with banking officials to prevent a collective conflict.

Layout of BCRA
Communication The Central Bank of Turkey provides a 6033 agreement with banks, commercial networks or institutions, service stations, supermarkets, pharmacies or couriers, which will be responsible for banking transactions.
However, they have made clear that these belirt correspondents ler are ler responsibility for their activities olmak and ”completely and exclusively banks”, including compliance with minimum safety standards.

BCRA is seeking this regulation to parç ensure greater financial participation ”, which is a part of a permanent target, especially away from bank branches.
The regulation also states that the responsibility of the activities, including the compliance with the minimum safety standards, is the responsibility of the activities, also specifying the conditions required by the banking correspondents.

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