Friday , December 3 2021

Reduces valve commission by $ 10 million


With Range Input vapor A particularly important movement starts: enormous Income will see the relevant commission downloaded to the Valve. And in a big way, we're talking about a figure of at least eight dollars.

Goal? Encourage developers and publishersThe more a particular item is sold on Steam, the greater the percentage of revenue received by the broadcaster that opens the door to greater price flexibility to achieve this goal.

But first of all, be sure to reward developers who achieve very profitable goals. To give an example, if a ten-dollar game manages to sell one million copies, it will bring a greater revenue share to Steam creators.

Our hope is that this change will reward the interests of the big community of developers, rewarding the positive network effects created by Steam and the community.

Of course to benefit from this $ 10 million in income. In fact, it is setting up a new Steam Distribution Agreement Three distribution level From 1 October 2018:

  • When a game earns more than $ 10 million in Steam, the revenue share of this application will be adjusted 75% for the company and 25% for valve.

  • On the other hand, participation in income 80% for the company and 20% for valve, profit over 50 million dollars.

  • Finally, games that fall below the $ 10 million mark in revenue will continue to receive the general treatment established by Gamasutra. Against 70% 30% commission on the valve.


It is worth clarifying that these revenues include play packages, DLC, in-game sales and community market gambling rates. Basically, almost any item a player can invest their money on.

The value of a large network, such as Steam, has many benefits, not only from the participants, but also by everyone. Finding the right balance to reflect these contributions is as complex as is important in a well-functioning network.

It is always clear that successful games and their large masses have a significant impact on these network effects. Therefore, it is an important goal for all participants in the game that Steam & # 39; network.

In addition, Steam made a change in the contract regarding the confidentiality of sales data. Therefore, provisions are explicitly announced, which clearly state that associates can share the game's sales data as they see fit.


Interesting moveHe promises to reevaluate the prices of large productions and to improve the quality and experience of other games due to the reality of reaching the brand or goal. Something important on a 50,000-day refund.

After all, 5% of $ 10 million is an incentive that should not be allowed to pass – at least.

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