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Public groping and masturbation: The ordeal taken by Rodrigo Eguillor's first victim


This story Rodrigo Eguillor It was hidden.

In live broadcasts on monologues, media images, publications and social networks, the young man was charged with abuse who claimed that he was the founder of public relations for a bowling alley. He prepared a statement about his life, origins and relationships. He tried to clean the image, use the defense arguments, and explain the part of the San Telmo department that contradicted the appalling expression of the department. But she didn't give an opinion about that The first file in Justice on April 22, 2016 was what happened.

At some point it will be Eguillor The court was tried and assisted by an official defender in Nº9. For the same crime that was charged with the room in the room and the balcony of the apartment on Piedras in San Telmo street. A 22-year-old girl from Parque Leloir accused her of simple sexual abuse22 November Public Prosecutor and Dr. In the case opened in Alicia Iermini Court No. 48, it continued to be addressed in the middle of this week. "Crime investigation."

Infoba to She called the victim, came to her family and her story, a lawyer told them: they said they tried a lawyer. bargain trial Benefit from Rodrigo working with society instead of prison. The victim refused. Thus, Rodrigo was sent to trial.

The family also gave a document: A copy of the original complaint. The document is the least serious.

As stated in the complaint, the victim was about to begin business on Friday, April 22nd. Two minutes ago, what time? He was in the Casino car park ready to enter to start his shift.

He saw a man approaching while walking in a reserved area for employees. As stated in the complaint, the testimony of the witnesses and the security cameras attached to the case, The guy was masturbating and the woman with the penis was coming out of his trousers.

When you saw him, you addressed him: He threw himself at him and touched his chest. The comments of close friends of the victims mentioned "surprisingly touched"said the prosecutor had been signed by the 3 rd Court.

Thus, N. reacted in a sudden motion and shouted immediately for help. He was the man Rodrigo Eguillor, who was 21 years old at the time and who was a regular customer at the Casino, was described as.

Prefectura agents quickly intervened to protect the organization: delayed youth Security management personnel were then presented as witnesses to the incident.

Today, two years after the attack, N. & # 39; s family is not aware of the last chapters. He was accused of sexual abuse in San Telmo and exposed to escrache in social networks. He has changed the naturalness of his days with versions of harassed young people. The pain again appeared. Beside him, they are reassured that the alleged alleged abuse is torture. "He invaded, insulted, "in circles." He tried to follow his life affected by the event as normal.

Complainant continues to work in the same placeNine hours on workdays. Her children have grandchildren and lives with her husband and part of the family. your surroundings They say they prefer to stay away from the media noise surrounding Eguillor. Actually, He refused legal advice from a famous lawyer. In the end, he knows that his history and determination can encourage the courage of other women.

While the Interim 9 is waiting for the Court to refer, it is limited in the heat of the family. It changed in the afternoon of April, something in your life. N. walks the streets with more fear than before: he has had pepper spray in his wallet since.

Rodrigo Eguillor's life has also changed: Buenos Aires Casino & # 39; s entry denied. When Alcaideda, in La Plata, released Roberto Pettinato's Pabellón I & rsquo; "All lying"Justice will say.

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