Friday , October 7 2022

Private document: Boca's first medical episode after Conmissive events


Micro transported mouth true monumental A group of fans had already been attacked and four broken glass from the car and the tear gas that the police began to disperse reached the delegation. In the dressing room, medical staff Xeneize Identify players one by one and give them to Conmebol experts, Osvaldo Pangrazio and Francisco Mateuhad to forward news to South American Confederation officials. Super Final in Copa Libertadores. river I waited in the other dressing room.

Infobae, on a notebook, written by letter of urgency, informal. Pablo Ortega had access to the first medical section of Gallo.

First revision Pablo Pérez shows "Irritation of the mucosa by inhalation of the irritating gas and cutting of the wound in the right forearm". In principle, it does not address injury in the left eye.

Cristian Pavón, Gino Peruzzi, Carlos Tevez, Lisandro Magallán, Esteban Andrada, Lucas Olaza and Sebastián Villa, experienced mucosal irritation, headache and shortness of breath. Agustín Almendra's official, as indicated by the doctor, was more serious: inhalation of irritating gas bronchospasm. And they had to apply the bronchodilator. Fernando Gago, gas inhalation caused "allergic reaction".

Archer Javier Bustillo Leonardo Jara presented a cut wound to a right wound pit. "Cut the wound with glass on the heel".

The young Gonzalo Lamardo, who accompanied Pablo Pérez at the sanatorium of Otamendi The glass splinter in the right eye was damaged.. Doctor says he found one in his eye. "strange body".

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