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Princess Beatriz's new boyfriend has released the mother of her son and now she and the baby sleeps on the couch of a friend


The sincerity experienced by the members of the nobility was always taken into account and His private life had never emerged, but it became a habit to filter out copyright scandals.

Family The real British is more than just getting involved in marital complications. but so far they have managed to overcome them.

Beatrice of York, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and daughter of Sarah Ferguson; and Queen II. Elizabeth's grandson, Edoardo Mapelli, the new boyfriend introduced Mozzi & # 39; s family.

The families of both young people have known each other for several years. It was surprising at this point that they both decided to have a relationship.

But Edo, as known by his best friends,Queen II. Elizabeth has a history of not being a part of family history. His favorite grandson, Harry, did a lot with Meghan Markle's wife.

Earlier, Mapelli Mozzi shared his life with a glamorous Chinese-American Dara Huang, who had a two-year-old son.Christopher Woolf.

But the news was even more surprising for Dara's mother.When his youngest grandson, Wolfie, was born, he flew from London to London, where he lived. and since then he has only seen them twice.

"I think Dara is hiding from me." her husband Po-Tien, an 80-year-old mother, told Lily, a retired scientist from the US space agency NASA.

"He didn't want me to feel sorry, I was shocked."Lily added in an interview for the Daily Mail, believing that her daughter had a sudden break and she too was shocked.

According to Lily, his 37-year-old daughter is 7 years younger than Princess Beatriz, Dara and Edo 's share of the apartment, while finding another place forced to move with a close friend and has since slept on a couch.

Dara is an architect who opened his own design company. We have a long list of international customers and are always traveling.

And when life changed him altogether, he changed to Dara, who changed the style they had.

Lily was going to wait where the nanny with her father was, a nanny there now, Dara. Korkunç He gets back from work early and goes to see Wolfie, so he can wash it before he goes to bed at seven or eight, which is terrible. “

"I love Edo, I love your family, why? "loved the worried mother.

Beatriz, 35-year-old Edo with a young daughter Eugenie's marriage a second month before her marriage in Windsor. In a ceremony that Prince Andrew wanted, Harry and Meghan Markle would be the same.

but The time since Dara and Edo left, how long it took to establish a relationship with Beatriz. According to a close friend of the Edo family, he and Dara left six months ago.

The royal court assistant, who knew the principle of all life, came to defend it: "Beatriz would never let him into the happiness of another couple, especially if he was a little boy."

And speculation has been made that this relationship is progressing as fast as it is already discussed. commit This implies that Beatriz will be the first of the royal generation to have a stepchild.

Although the Duchess of Cornwall was a stepmother for William and Harry, it wasn't hard for Beatriz to imagine that it might be for her.

Beatriz was devastated after leaving with her boyfriend Dave Clark He is a former employee of Richard Branson and director of Uber in New York, where he married Lynn Anderson's commercial figure.

Princess and Clark They had spent ten years together and suddenly quit because of the ultimatum he promised to give in 2016. However, he was not prepared to settle down and start a family.

Since then, there has been no man meaningful to Beatriz, he had offered less with his parents.

Who's new beau

formerly, the royal family had not allowed the noble nobility to interfere in neighborhood events, but this line had been lost for a while. and the topic currently seems more unreasonable.

But it's not that much, Although Edo is a descendant of Italian nobles, his father is former Alpine Olympia skier Count Alessandro Mapelli Mozzi. At the age of 67, representing Great Britain in the 1972 Winter Olympics in Japan; Edo was raised by his stepfather.

This is because Count and Edo's mother divorced her sister, Natalia. They were very young and their father moved to France.

The mother of Edo, Nikki. He remarried and grew up to be a very close man to his stepfather, Christopher Shale. Briton was the president of former Prime Minister David Cameron's electoral district and was a close friend of Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

Edo was very attached to his stepfather. He called his own son, just like he admired him so much, Christopher.

But Edo is not a fortune hunter with no future. a man with a path that stands out financially. There is a property consultancy specializing in finding and developing luxury homes for wealthy people.

And although both are Beatriz and Edo They wanted to keep their relationship away from the spotlight until the couple came together and appeared for the first time, until they became calm and confident. together with a protocol activity.

Their first appearance as a couple was at a party organized by Lakshmi Mittal, steelmaker of Indian origin.

There is another sign that the romance between Beatriz and Edo is serious: The young man decided to change his Instagram account (with more than 10,000 followers) from the public to the private sector.

But it will always be the shadow left by Edo's public statements. About the son's mother, in a photograph refers to him as "one" and uses his initials in the title of Dara, an image. & # 39; My beautiful EMM & # 39; read 10 out of Downing Street.

And despite the pThe news for Beatriz's mother was unexpectedly great, for Lily, the loss of Dara's mother. It's amazing, but the pain that his daughter first caused her to wish him happiness.

”Before that, my daughter was happy, now she is crying with her sister.“ And he claimed that his religion put Dara in a state he asks: "Bless them, don't get mad, give them good luck."

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