Saturday , July 2 2022

Primitive Rhythm – by Rosa Montero


The Greeks thought it was the artistic expression of music; According to Pythagoras, the Sun, Moon and other planets were harmoniously rotating around the Earth, and the distance between the celestial bodies coincided with musical intervals: this was the wonderful music of the spheres. In the Middle Ages it was one of the rectangular art with music, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy; I mean, it was part of science. And still in the sixteenth century, a composer named Zarlino said: "Music deals with sound numbers". Since yesterday, this art has been considered a necessary element of the universe, a meticulous and prioritized knowledge of life. But then, a society focusing on the utilitarian and technological, not scientifically, left music (and all the arts in general) in a place that was more distributable, more ornamental, more and more proxy. To create this deviation called Miguel environmental music ın, there is a noise pollution that enters your ears in elevators, waiting rooms or stores, and according to various researches, to act to provoke some psychological reactions: you buy more and consume more. While Anxo Murado often says that every time he listens to these cheerful and stupid dets that are evident in the take-off and descent of the planes, he can reassure you at moments of tension, such as at the dentist, or, for example, the hairs are at the point, because they represent a certain danger.

For me, music is the same as reading. I don't know if I can live without both. However, there are individuals who reject this art because of my absolute awe and belief. One of the most famous literary masters, the great writer Vladimir Nabokov. In her beautiful autobiographical book Habla, memoria says: "Music, I'm sorry for not saying it, it will only affect me to the enjoyment of more or less irritating sounds." He continues to render a few sentences with proverb pedantry, which implies that there is all humanity that insists on making mistakes while enjoying this disturbing noise. Poor Nabokov: Perhaps his hostile character came from those obstacles, his brutal absence. If we do not love our music, if all our existence depends on the primitive rhythm of the pulsations of blood.

I really like it, when I listen to music, I can't do other things (except walking or driving), because I'm standing on it a lot. Of course I can't. The novelist Clara Sánchez said that she worked before listening to her favorite recordings. Ize But I stopped doing that because I realized that I thought I was writing exciting and great pages, and when I read it again the next day without the soundtrack, I thought they were really bad. Dü What a wonderful and wise comment: music is like a drug, it catches us and hypnotizes us . It makes us a parallel reality for the better and the worse: military music that fights and drags generations of young people with a smile on their lips; Romantic music that allows you to believe that you are in love and which serious consequences can be taken; Or melancholic music that goes under the bed and lets you cry for three days. Yes, music can manipulate us, but it also has the great effect of being bigger and better than us. Pythagoras was right: these great voices unite us with the universe and save us from poor individuality. Especially when I was listening to an emotional passage, I felt how much time I felt to discover the secret of life. And many of my novels come from bright knots that come to me at a concert. Music, something that is essentially human, in short, has all the components of what we are: beauty, violence, peace, joy, pain, feeling. The last heartbeat will be accompanied by our last memory.

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