Wednesday , April 14 2021

Poster contest about AIDS with participants registration

Some of them came to the Legislative. It was warm in the morning and applause later they became even hotter. Not less: they would receive a prize from the hands of the authorities and even from the deputy governor Laura Montero..

They were some students from adults who were managed by awarding elementary school, secondary school and posters. About HIVWhat did they do at school?

About HIV / AIDS Prevention Province Poster Competition what printing turned 20 years. This time he achieved a record of participation, as a framework for a good anniversary, and quadrupled the number of projects submitted.

On average they add 200 projects each year, this time the school was 746 ''. From there, proud winners appeared.

In the first category (for the smallest) Maipú 4-262. In the second category, the first was Tupungato's Italian Republic 4-122.

The first example includes the first and second year of seventh grade students in primary education. Secondary education and CEBJA. The third, fourth and fifth grade students Secondary education and CENS.

Maipú School 1st and 2nd grade students played with eYouTube logo: "I had sex safe" with condom icon. ) He came to us because he was familiar with Internet users, için said Agustina Quispe (14), one of the winners.

They said they had to investigate, but they were made easier by the explanations from the teachers. Comprehensive Sexual Education (ESI), Artistic Applications and Visual Arts.

"First we taught them lessons to break myths and prejudices, and then we moved on to the poster," said Julieta Yazlli, a sociologist and teacher at ESI. This year, in addition to the first category, the second category received two statements.

You will receive an order from each winner Buy $ 3,000 and $ 3,500 for the organization. Second prize, a purchase order $ 2,000 for each student and $ 2,500 for school.


Salon Lost Steps of the Provincial Law awards were given and a poster poster was prepared from previous editions.

If there is anything noteworthy, it should be noted that most of the work is done through the use of a condom. Children use their own languages ​​and codes. They always reflect a part of their own realities and appear in this plane related to the technological universe. In the latest versions of social networks and games that are part of your day.

"Cross and we made a poster of the Super Mario game walking on the condom bridge as you can go to the castle and prevent the prevention"Facundo, one of the winners of the second category, announced Ramos.

Language and Literature teacher, Cristina GarcíaThe coordinator of the study stressed that "sometimes there is a way to show that they don't think they can." He emphasized that they emphasize the use of condoms because they know the most and the most.

City program and prevention

This year the contest celebrating 20 editions, Health, Social Development and Sport Ministry, Health Education and School General DirectorateThe proposal aims to develop posters with preventive messages about HIV that will be designed to raise awareness among peers.

The invitation is extended to public and private institutions and includes training for people with disabilities. 16 chapters were added, 374 of 91 institutions in the first category and 372 schools in the second category.

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