Saturday , July 2 2022

Poster and corporate image of Vendimia San Rafael 2019 competes


The design of the poster and the San Rafael 2019 Harvest Festival's corporate image continue.

By December 10, both professional and amateur designers will be able to present their suggestions for visual arts and design. Ten days later, the winner will be announced and will receive 23,000 pesos.

Participation is free of charge and must be born within the department or resident for at least two years.

Bases are available from 7 to 13 from Monday to Friday at the Cultural Center.

"Whoever wins the competition will undertake everything that is not just the poster, but the design of the corporate image of the Department of Vendimia 2019," says culture director Diego Rodríguez Caligaris. Said.

"The 2019 edition of the image is the winning project of Vendimia & # 39; We have to do with compadres del viento. Those who want to participate in the contest will contact the authors, so they know the aesthetic proposition

Debates on plagiarism in National Vendimia

When asked about the plagiarism scandal of the National Harvest poster, Rodriguez Caligaris Cal the situation is complex because it is not possible to know all the images made in the history of mankind for a jury. Each author has to sign a declaration that is entirely his / her responsibility, at least we ask San Rafael because he believes that gerek plagiarism is something that can be punishable by law Her.

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