Friday , December 3 2021

Pokémon Go players will be able to fight among themselves as a coach.


After Niantic years, Pokemon Go has announced that PvP mode will arrive soon.
Picture: Pokémon Go (Twitter)

Developer Pokémon GoNiantic has announced a feature that players have been waiting for years. Soon players can fight among themselves as coaches. For this, they will have to join in a league, as in the legendary series.

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In tweets Describing the new function of the game, Niantic has announced that players will have to join one of the three leagues to combat other coaches: Big, Ultra or Master. So far, the only way to fight against other players in the game was to enter the gyms, which were protected by pokemons, which left a lot for some players.

The leagues will be configured by each Pokémon's battle points (CP) and will be described in detail below:

  • Liga Great: 1,500 CP limit per Pokémon
  • Ultra League: 2,500 CP limit per Pokémon
  • Master League: Unlimited CP for Pokémon

"Pokémon with high SPs is a big advantage in battles in the League of Masters, but coaches will have to think more strategically when they are battling the Big and Ultra leagues with certain SP restrictions." Niantic said on Twitter.

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Niantic created the challenge mode for coaches, creating an experience that everyone could appreciate, and that everyone could also let different Pokémon show their strengths.

"We hope to build a suitable system for many players with the fight leagues for coaches."

Developer does not disclose an exit date for fighting mode, only "coming soon" Pokémon Go.

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