Saturday , May 8 2021

Paula Chaves shared a vacation photo with her daughter Filipa and received surprising reviews: “Seeing with barefoot is one thing.”

With your partner Pedro Alfonsoand the children they had together Olivia, Baltazar and Philip, Paula chaves Enjoying an extraordinary routine in Argentine Patagonia. Happy for her everyday life, marked by beautiful landscapes, this was featured on social networks.

One of the most striking photos of some followers Instagram: It was he who showed him walking south with gorgeous mountains in the background and his little daughter in tow. A detail they haven’t missed? Baby barefoot.

“Carpe diem… Say that a great friend repeatedly repeatedly and I understand very well today.” However, few were limited only to raising their voices with the baby’s bare feet.

“It’s hard to see barefoot, but everybody knows…” one woman said. “His feet must be frozen …” he added another.

Of course, Paula didn’t even answer and continued to enjoy her happy vacation.

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