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Parents forget their babies in their cars: what does science say about this behavior?


Parents forget their babies in their cars: what does science say about this behavior?

There are a number of possible causes that affect the tragedy due to the mockery of the mind according to the sequelae or routine of ACV.

The case of Santa Lugares' baby, Catalina, who died after a few hours in the car where her father left her, shocked the public.

Beyond the technical skills of medical science on the father's actions, there are possible theories that can explain what happens in such events.

In a dialogue with CONBIENESTAR, the neuropsychiatry Claudio Waisburg (MN 98.128) first described the problems caused by the lack of heat, dehydration and oxygenation as a perfect da lethal combination eri in a confined space. Inside a car in the sun.

”The temperature of the power rises and rises,“ he said. "On a hot day of 25 degrees, the temperature can reach 40 or 50 degrees. It is developed as a furnace. And oxygen is finite to be a closed place, one exudes carbon dioxide while breathing in. At a time, oxygen is running out until it disappears," said described his fate.

As for the father, it was learned that he suffered a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) weeks ago. The skill will determine the effect as a cause of memory loss, but Waisburg explained what could happen in general.

"An ACV may have consequences, but it may also be affected by drugs that may have contributed negatively to the executive, cognitive, and mimicking part of memory."

He added: "A very small area of ​​the brain with an ACV can be a affectation or a very large affectation. However, the small one can be very important in our daily tasks. If there is an external exclusion where the frontal left area is affected and no one can move to the right side, However, if you have a subtle change, you may have a decrease in your administrator functions, including memory, or you can have amnestic periods in which memory is temporarily lost. etkilen

Routine and memory

"You can fill your memory with what you did the day before, and you can believe that it was done today. Everything we do automatically or routinely is what creates these deaths. It's not the first or the first, and it's actually always done with routines, because I'll automatically enter, that's what I always do. It cannot be any person and does not necessarily have to do with someone who has suffered a stroke, olabilir finished the specialist.

What is ACV?

A cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is a change in the brain caused by sudden problems in the bloodstream.

In Argentina, there are 360 ​​cases of strokes per day and may result in paralysis, paralysis, speech complications, vision problems, memory loss, difficulty in movement, and behavioral changes that cannot be treated in time.

Transient stroke is a form of attack that occurs when cerebral circulation is affected for a very short period of time. Symptoms are the same as for stroke, but they are temporary and last from minutes to hours.

These symptoms may be a serious stroke warning, should not be ignored and should be consulted immediately.

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