Saturday , July 2 2022

Paraná scandal: Young people stay naked in exchange for a wine


A series of photographs and video taken last weekend at a bowling track in the town of Entre Ríos, Paraná, a city that recently went viral, caused a great controversy in a competition with two girls. The clothes were removed at the top of a bar and dancing to win a sparkling wine.

"Start peeling, start taking something," When the present audience was unaware, the night animator told the rival girls "they took everything out"Later, one of the two young women decided to get up and the server said: "1, 2 and 3 know that you will win and show a tit."

The event's driver criticized social networks and was released in the same way: Beni Why don't they start doing something more cautious about the poor girl who writes something to the poor girl?

Some of the women present during the event reported that one of the young women in the controversial video was only 15 years old. In this context, one of the measures taken for the next few hours would be to find the girls involved in the police.

Another measure adopted by the Bureau of Gender Violence and the Santa Fe Department of Defense will be the municipal authorities, police, owners of the bowling and those who operate night bars in Paraná as soon as possible. .

In this context, it will become sensitive to issues such as corruption of minors, alcoholic beverages or other crimes, such as the delivery of drugs to minors.


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