Saturday , October 23 2021

Oscar Ruggeri sets out a strange "tactic" for the River to defeat Boca


Super Final in Copa Libertadores in the corner and nobody lacks ideas about what will happen in Madrid. Those who have experience in such matches like Oscar Ruggeri are much less. The former center defender gave many information to many developers and Marcelo Gallardo would take into account: Use of Pelota players.

Ruggeri Cabezón did not know how to play in Boca and River, but also how he was integrated into a season of the Real Madrid team. Therefore, this is a more than enoughin particular, this Sunday's match will take place and the ball will be verified in Santiago Bernabéu. Children under Real Madrid.

In Merengue, another Argentinean of the past in the Millionaire, works as neither less nor less than Santiago Solari. For this reason, Ruggeri did not hesitate to mention that Marcelo Gallardo was already commendable to educate young people on Indiecito. riverDepending on the situation of the match.

Did Real Madrid wear the ball? They're from Solari. Ready, Gallardo already spoke. Ben, Gallardo, I'm already talking and I'm focusing on Solari with me. I'm always eating with the Solari, give me the kids. Bryan didn't see the court have children who were quick to pick you up if Gallardo didn't win. "

In an interview with Alejandro Fantino on his radio show NetworkHe also made it clear that Muñeco was working on these things at times when his team played at his home in Monumental: da See, when the opponents throw the ball on the ground, The hand of the River Do not delay to exit quickly. This is a kick kick, you know how you sleep. "

Of course, Guillermo Barros Schelotto has already drawn attention to this detail, which Ruggeri put on his desk, and will be careful against the work that will succeed in the Spanish capital, so that his team will not suffer.

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