Friday , October 22 2021

Ortigoza: "I am the best kick fines"


Fourth victory: Rosario Central Won Argentina Cup last night After defeating Gimnasia La Plata from the penalty point. If anyone knows how to define it from this example, Néstor Ortigoza. There was data to support him, and the player was Canalla's key after kicking the penalty that gave him the name that Boedo had given for the first time, in Libertadores of San Lorenzo de Almagro.

"Gordo" Ortigoza, who is sure of his own qualities as an actress, was decided by a journalist who spoke to him: "You are one of the best penalties in Argentine football." "No, I'm fine, I'm the best, and I knew I wouldn't be. Let me tell you when I collect a ball: I'm the best, I'm the best, I'm the best and I'm giving myself a ride and thankfully it went well?, champion midfielder declared without tour. Ortigoza reopened the series, which couldn't get out of 12 again.

The old Azulgrana said: "We have come to make ours. We knew we had to win a tournament that was rejected three times. This Argentine Cup was supposed to be won. I knew it was a big challenge when I decided to come here. "I'm 34 today, and one says, ve I'll play in another finale,” he says. I'll always play the finalsI'm trying to impress my colleagues who can work. I'm happy because I'm the big story of Central.. Now to have fun, we'll see what happens when the holidays come and ".

It is not necessary to clarify that the fans of Canalla are very passionate and that Ortigoza uses the word: ig These people deserve it because they are very loyal. We felt the pressure, but at the same time, we always knew we had our support.. She was in a lot of pain, the city of Rosario was shocked, we had to win. I knew it would be a tough game. "

Finally, there was a time to devote a few words to "Patón & # 39; She had so many people, she could keep calm and move forward. Players can remove their mood. We did, and tonight we are all celebrating for it. "

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