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OCA: A businessman affiliated with Moyano was tried and seized by 500 million pesos – 07/12/2018


Judge Javier López Biscayart on the progress of the case it was processed on friday OON Chairman Patricio Farcuh is charged with the unnecessary arrest of social security contributions with a 500 million pesos embargo. The judge also seized the same offense, which required a maximum penalty of 6 years for companies serving the OCA under Hugo Moyano. The charges continued without being held in custody, because Farcuh was right in the case so far.

In a detailed decision, the magistrate will give OCA the invoice to Farcuh: Pertenecer SRL, Slam SA, Business Directory, Iron Security, Rhuo Group and Universal Facilityamong others.

By the middle of the year, López Biscayart had processed Farcuh for May-December December and January and February 2017, but did not pay income tax and value-added tax withholding and payment to the federal court room. processing canceled and the prosecutor should re-raise the charge in the case. The OCA is currently interfered with by Justice.

In his agreed decision pipe Judges in the judiciary "Farcuh 's purpose or Funds well financed by withdrawals and perceptions collectedthus extending the time to bring the monthly installments to the treasury for several years and in an attractive real-time for the local financial market, given the implementation of the aggregate amounts for the current inflationary expectations or the expansion of the so-called "Grupo Rhuo". .

"Without further ado, deliberate; Therefore, there is no doubt in this instance of the order that Patricio Nicolás Farcuh has neglected to pay the amount of social security provided by the dependent workers of Planobra SA &. Farcuh also called "Pertenecer S.R.L." He remained with his employees' retirement contributions; GPS Services S.A.; Slam Servicios S.A .; Business Directory Event Services Company S.R.L.; Business Directory Services S.A. Demir Güvenlik S.A .; Grupo Rhuo Shared Services and Universal Facility Grouping Grouping. and the withholding and perceptions of the income tax (SICORE Imp. 217 and 787) corresponding to the Planobra SA; A.R.L; GPS Services S.A. and Business Directory Event Services Company S.R.L. and the value-added tax that corresponds to Planobra SA.

In a statement he made, Hugo Moyano said, ği Aste y Camioneros were subjected to violence ın, noting that his contributions to the workers were not paid in front of the company. This is the period when the Moyano union forced the private mail company.

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