Sunday , April 11 2021

Now you can export content in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnit to yesterday received new content with update 6.31. Among the innovations, an option was given to the content of the Battle Royale mode. The Epic Games pointed out that the option was requested by the community, and now it's a fact.

According to the details, the function will be available for a limited time. The option to cancel the content is available 1 week after the publication of the update. Epic has warned that this option will not be implemented on iOS devices because it is against some Apple policies.

In the rest of the platforms, players will find two options when buying content in the store. While the first of these is "Buy buy a gift" ("Buy a gift"), it is the standard marked "Buy object (Object Al)".

The second option is to add some content to your friends and even add a personalized message. Your friend will get the gift he signed next time. Just consider that you should take some additional steps before using this system.

To have access, you must first enable authentication in 2 steps. You must have friends at least 48 hours before. On the other hand, only 3 gifts can be sent every 24 hours.

An important detail is that all content purchased as a gift cannot be returned. To avoid any confusion, Epic said that only the items in the store can be given.

Players who are interested in blocking this feature can do so in the settings of the account. This will make it impossible to buy gifts from another player. In related news, Battle Royale has more than 200 million registered players.

Fortnit to Available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, iOS and Android. Learn more about this link.

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