Sunday , April 11 2021

No, new Sony cartridges are not for PS Vita's successor: for a toy

Yesterday, all the alarms exploded when a Dutch website appeared with a new PS Vita, or perhaps a Sony website that looked like a future PlayStation 5 cartridge. The cartridges were patented by Sony Interactive Entertainment in South Korea, but not for the future console, but for a toy called Sony Toio.

By Threshold:

Apparently this patent is a new portable console produced by the Japanese electronic giant in 2017, not for the PlayStation, but for Sony Toio. The cartridges for Toio are the same as the patent application. the circular hole on the top and the shape of the connector.

PS Vita was a relative failure for Sony. After selling 16 million units (compared to 73 million 3DS sold by Nintendo, or 80 million sold by the previous model PSP), Sony is expected to stop producing in 2019. But the PlayStation fans are still going on. The company hopes to install a new portable console.

In May, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment said that it remained "more gaming experience" with portable games, and in 2015, a Sony patent added two removable controls to a large screen, just like Nintendo did. Key.

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