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NASA asteroid WARNING: Giant 90 foot space rock & # 39; TODAY | Science | News


The deadly asteroid, larger than a two-story house, was named Asteroid 2018 WN by NASA. It is expected that the enormous space stone will look the closest to our planet when it crosses the Earth and explodes in GMT at 11.49. Although NASA has calculated the astronomers, its asteroid world is not in an orbit that collides with us, but its destructive potential is still inspiring.

Scientists at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory estimate asteroid measurements in the area between 40 ft and 91ft (12m – 28m).

The Asteroid 2018 WN may not mean the end of life on Earth as far as we know, but even the lower end of NASA's estimation poses a potential danger to densely populated areas.

More than 1,000 people were injured in 2013 as a result of the explosion of an area of ​​65 thousand in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

The resulting effect shattered the glass by sending the glass to the bullet's bodies.

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Dr. Cornell University, New York. According to Matija Cuk, the effects with these small asteroids are rare and they are not known to be lethal.

The space expert said: ir Regarding the smaller meteors falling to the ground, they are a very low hazard and no human being has been reported killed by a small meteorite.

E I heard that a dog was killed in 1911 by an asteroid in Nakhla, Egypt, and there was also a story of material damage.

Id Still, traffic, pollution and even lightning are far more dangerous than small meteors. “

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Astronomers have recently accepted the presence of asteroids that cannot be detected in our galaxy – some have threatened life on earth.

Researchers from the University of Madrid have tried to calculate the probability of large asteroids dividing our planet into smaller particles.

The products of the dır catastrophic takip collisions are almost impossible to follow due to the ön chaotic front impact trajectories “.

And if an enormous asteroid made a trajectory with the Earth, it would not leave time to evacuate the firing line.

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Bu Asteroids can transport meteors to the inner planets by intercepting the paths of the planets at the right times, and this has an effect, ır the researchers wrote.

Ülasyon The meteors gathered after the observation of the bright fireballs on the earth, sometimes in the asteroid belt, returned to the object population or collision events near the earth. “

Scientists discussed the recent impact of an object, called LA, 2018, nine to 12 feet wide, which collided the Earth hours after the detection.

The Asteroid approached the Earth's atmosphere at a rate of 38,000 miles and caused it to launch a horrific fireball against the sky over Botswana.

Um This was a much smaller object than we were to detect and warn,, said Lindley Johnson, a NASA Planet Defense Officer.

In his recent articles, two Spanish researchers warned that ış there are three natural objects before a collision with the Earth Yeni.

The 2018 LA is likely to occur in a major collision between two or more rocks in the asteroid belt – which means more meteors are on the road.

Researchers have discovered two dozen good, asteroids ”similar to the 2018 LA in terms of size, shape, and direction in space.

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