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Nancy Grace Roman Develops Space Astronomy with Hubble Space Telescope

Astronomy is usually dominated by men. However, Nancy Grace Roman changed it. Rome, US national space agency NASA is the first chief of astronomy in the Space Science Office.

Rome supervised the development of various space astronomy programs, space probes and telescopes. To examine the sun from a low Earth orbit, three Orbs used the gamma and x-rays to launch the Solar Observatory.

Boyunca I traveled all over the United States to talk to astronomers, and what they wanted throughout the generations was to get a telescope over the atmosphere, “he says.

One of them is the Hubble Space telescope. Rome is widely regarded as the ”Mother of Hubble Roma. In April 1990 it was placed in orbit. The telescope gave astronomers hundreds of thousands of images. It also helped determine the existence of dark energy and the age of the universe and other scientific issues. It remains one of NASA's most successful and lasting missions.

Nancy Grace Roman

Nancy Grace Roman

Ine I never had a telescope, ”says Roman, owing to his luck by chance, determination and support from his parents.

Dı My parents wondered and aroused my curiosity. My father was a scientist and he answered my scientific questions. Bab My mother was walking me, pointing at birds, plants, and she was sharing the constellation of the stars with me. Ann

Rome's interest in astronomy has increased. During his school years, Rome will read as many astronomy books as he could in his Baltimore library.

“I just wasn't interested in looking at the sky. I wanted to know what the stars look like, how they behave, and what astronomy in general is, ın says Roman.

Rome was not encouraged by teachers who claimed to have no place in astronomy or physics. In 1946 he graduated from Swarthmore College in Rome. He received a bachelor's degree in Astronomy and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in 1949, in the same field.

After completing her Ph.D. degree, she worked as an assistant professor at the University of Chicago, Rome. She was the first woman on the faculty.

I I didn't stay there for a long time because I saw a chance to see little work as a woman in a research institution in astronomy,. The novel says.

Nancy Grace Roman

Nancy Grace Roman

He entered the radio astronomy program at the Naval Research Laboratory in Rome, Rome. When NASA was founded in 1958, Rome applied to work there.

Nancy Grace Roman retired in 1979. In spite of the difficulties he encountered in his own career, he is proud to be a part of advancing modern astronomy.

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