Saturday , December 4 2021

Mystery in Salta: I found a uncle and nephew with a love affair


dead uncle jump on

The bodies were placed in one of the five rooms of the house in the event of a destruction. Close to Tambo Marinaro farm. The site was occupied by several workers in the farm.

He was found by Tapia's brother, who warned that he lacked his workmanship and went to look for him. When he gets there, his body man hanging from the ceiling and teenager lay in bed. This is a there would be mechanical hanging signs on the neck without sexual violenceby newspaper Grandstand

There was a relationship that young people resisted by the rest of their families.. November 30, November 30Micaela had run away to live with her uncle.

At first The researchers stated that a woman was lethal following her suicide, but after considering the couple's history they considered the possibility of a suicide pact.

Criminal Execution Office 1 Heavy Penalties Against Persons appointed to the beginning of the case.

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