Friday , December 3 2021

Mother struck after her son's guilt: "I didn't deserve a psychopathic animal to kill my life" | chronic


"No explanation or consolation of what happened, I destroyed it, I still only live for my children"Wrote on Facebook Soledad MarcosMy mother Ciro PeñalbaA 10-year-old boy was killed on Tuesday by killing his own stepfather until 9:00 AM, and he later committed suicide by shooting himself in his Facebook account in a letter to his Facebook account.

He was described as the father of his three children. "Psychopathic animal" you "Life began".

Women, the first statements made after the crime of his son, thanked the examples of support.

"Ciro was always the most incredible person, always with a smile, a little play and a fan of his friends. I'm always worried about others, always worried about me and his little siblings."His mother, who was shot in the cheek by the killer, wrote. "Sweet, loving and happy. She didn't deserve this, she took a psychopathic animal's life and it was for me and my family. There is no consolation for this pain."he wrote to Soledad, who said he had returned to the police because he thought it would change.

I condemned him years ago for sexual violence. "My love, my eldest baby, my life partner. He's the one who taught me to be a mother and always someone who fills my life with love.he wrote David Peñalbayour ex-partner

That day, Peñalba was wounded, but while he was desperate as a result of a traffic accident, he went to his son's house because he was threatened by his killer.

"I will fight in his memory. My love for you is always Ciro. I love you"The mother ended up in her letter. The boy was killed last Tuesday. Juan Carlos ChirinoIn the family of 27-year-old La Plata, the father of three other children of Soledad.

After Chirino had killed Ciro and wounded Soledad, he armed himself for nine hours in the house. When he was surrounded by the Falcon Group, he died before he was shot in the head and reached the hospital.

Soledad was able to get hurt from home with three other children. According to the autopsy, Ciro tried to defend himself and took 16 knives.

Chirino got it from his father, who took it as an inheritance. The prosecutor expects the expert statement to verify that he is the killer, and the file closes when he dies.

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