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More than 600,000 children have not been vaccinated against measles and rubella at present: two days left – 11/28/2018

The National Monitoring Campaign against Measles and Rubella ends on Friday, and the target is still far from being fulfilled. More than 600,000 children from 13 months to 4 years of age did not even take the dose of a triple viral vaccine administered. free and mandatory in hospitals and health centers across the country.

According to the latest report by the Ministry of Health, it was implemented within eight weeks 2194569 Planned 2,817,000 doses for the target population. Coverage is much more than expected at the start of the campaign (80% in the first month), so that health authorities strengthen calls for child vaccination.

The city and the province of Buenos Aires are jurisdictions where the worst averages are recorded with 72% and 66%. That means One quarter of the capital was vaccinated and remained in one province in three children.. The rest of the country has already exceeded 80%, except for Tierra del Fuego (74%) and Santa Cruz (76%). The example was given by Jujuy, Corrientes and Chaco, which exceeded 95% (even Jujuy reached more than 99%).

In It is very important to recognize all the actions and sacrifices that the vaccination team can do in a self-sacrificing way in all jurisdictions of the country. strong profession"Cristian Biscayart, head of the Immune Untreated Disease Control Directorate (DICEI). The importance of this additional dose of vaccine is very good"and those who haven't received them these days are very important in doing what's missing to reach a broader coverage than we have today".

In Buenos Aires, on Friday, vaccinations will not open For the holiday organized by the G20 Summit, tomorrow will be the last day of the application in Buenos Aires.

As approved pipe The campaign will not be extended by the Ministry of Health. However, once the strategy is finalized, each province will monitor children who have not been vaccinated. From this, in areas of concentration, tourism and low coverage complementary measures These two months to immunize the unvaccinated ones.

The campaign is conducted every four years to eliminate measles and rubella in the country. An additional dose of viral triple vaccine is administered – regardless of whether the calendar is installed – 13 months to 4 years to all children, 11 months and 29 days. Thus, it aims to reduce the susceptibility groups accumulated by children, which are not vaccinated in the regular program and which do not provide adequate protection against the vaccine. produces the necessary immunity).

In the last two times, in 2014 and 2009 there was an coverage of 82% and 98% respectively.

The vaccine is free of charge in all health centers and state hospitals in the country. No medical order is required except for children with immunodeficiency.. Special vaccines are also part of the strategy (you only need to provide an identification document for social work or pay for prepaid payments with coverage at that center).

Vaccination coverage should be above 95%. In 2000, he reported a recent endemic event to prevent re-use of measles in the country. So far, 14 cases have been linked to imports. In the region, according to the data of the Pan American Health Organization, there were 8.091 cases in 11 countries and 85 deaths from the disease. Venezuela is followed by Brazil and the United States, which have been most affected by an active epidemic for more than a year.

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