Wednesday , December 1 2021

Miss Universe 2018: Romina Lozano teaches Amazon music how to dance Ángela Ponce | VIDEO


Romina Lozano (Peru) and Ángela Ponce (Spain), representatives from their countries Miss Universe 2018They have a good time as a roommate during the competition.

Shared video Instagramshowed good relations and rhythm. Candidates are given dance teachings to each other. Angela starts her first trans woman to be Miss Universe in Spain, How Romina shows flamenco dance

Then turn back. Peruvian, shows the Spanish steps of the Amazon theme "The Lovership".


About living together Romina Lozano She was happy to share the room. Ángela Ponce what he described as "beautiful in every way"; as well as a person with "courage".

"This trip was incredibly educational for me. It inspired me", Peruvian candidate Miss universe, in Instagram, Next to the Spanish photo. Iyor Angela deserves respect and admiration,, he adds.

, It's all about accepting people as it is, not just one person, but about millions of people, not just for itself or for me, but about all of us, benim said Romina, a nutritionist. dietetics. The second career after Commercial Aviation.

Miss Universe 2018 Awards next will be celebrated December 17 (American time zone 16) Bangkok, Thailand. Candidates from some 95 countries and autonomous regions will compete to earn the coveted crown.

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