Friday , April 16 2021

Merval up 0.7% after Fed's comments

In a speech to the New York Economic Club, Powell said the rates are "still low" and that the economy remains "just below the range", which is thought to be neutral, that is, not accelerating or braking. growth.

Following these comments, the leading Merval index of the Argentine Stock Exchange and MarketsHe returned and found 31.138.7, up 0.7%.

Main increases were recorded with FXF shares (3%), Transportadora de Gas del Sur (2.8%) and Grupo Financiero Banco Galicia and BYMA (2.7%). while The most significant losses were recorded by Banco Macro (-2.5%), Central Puerto (-2%) and Valores S.A. (1.4%).

Gustavo Ber, an economist, said that Powell's # dovish, tone was celebrated by Wall Street with an ızlı aid rally ”, noting that the rates were already closer to neutrality, and the Fed could not do it. After reaching 2.50% annually in December, increase the rate once more.

It is worth remembering that the local finance markets will not be active this Friday for the G-20 summit of presidents in Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, major dollar bonds (transferred to the pesos) in the positive income segment in the positive region. Bonar 2024 remained almost stable, the 0.520% in the 2020 Bonar and the Discount increased by 0.3% according to the laws of Argentina.

Country risk

Height of 700 units after drilling on the eve, country risk The Argentinean took a break this wednesday At the beginning of September fell 1.5% from highs.

Index measured by the JP Morgan bank reached 703 pointsOn Tuesday, it reached 714 units.

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