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Meatless: Fernando Trocca & # 39; s menu for the first ladies of G20 in Malba – 01/12/2018


Lomo. Beef. Chorizo. Malbec. All very Argentine. And all this on the menu, there is not much, this Saturday, Malba, companions of the presidents G20 Leaders' Summit and also Queen Máxima. Fernando Trocca, "Meat will not serve," he says. pipe. He was called three months ago by the first host Juliana Awada – acting as a hostess – to the world with a cutlery to show us what we are.

one star chief They also have doubts. But they took a boil. As always, he escaped from the role of leader and called for a challenge by two other conductors, Guido Tassi and Javier Rodríguez: Creating something very Argentine without falling into the cliché of meat for export and our land. And of course, perhaps you can cook food with mysterious Service agents and "testers" to eat for Melania Trump. Something they haven't told him yet. In addition, outside the apron wearers: inside a museum.

First ladies - Macron's wife came later - in one of the photos taken in Malba (Reuters)

First ladies – Macron's wife came later – in one of the photos taken in Malba (Reuters)

"I think I couldn't put a tenderloin Have the most boring cut. No fat, no taste. We also have very good Malbec. But it's a bit of fashion, "says Trocca.

This is not against flesh. In fact, he asked the producers to add a "wealthy" value from grazing. our flag In the world. Or He admits that he didn't include these 12 women in the menu because he thought they were going to start filling them again with meat. He thought well.

Di I've never spoken to Francis (Mallmann), but I know him, I know what he's doing, I'd go for fires, I dreamed that others would eat meat at facilities much more convenient than us. I Our first lady had lunch and Mallmann's serving the empire. Describes his companions in Villa Ocampo. Malba's menu Trocca, "there were restrictions on light, fresh, diet, allergy and gluten," he continues.

Restrictions, clarifying, seem to be a very strong word. "Prior to total freedom Juliana helped us do what we wanted. Ve However, kabul the restrictions are too little kabul and They came from all delegations..

funny. Juliana Awada and Máxima Zorreguieta (Guillermo Rodríguez Adami)

funny. Juliana Awada and Máxima Zorreguieta (Guillermo Rodríguez Adami)

Trocca doesn't know why, but yerel they asked him not to reveal details in the depths of the menu, we created the Argentine from materials and local products Tro. Of course, a step-by-step menu paired with local labels – which he didn't want to show him – was "not ambitious."

Always think of these foods national and seasonalthat, one of the entrances had taken shrimp from the south, it was a central step with black hake, which was a mid-step with cherries (and the whole mystery about how to make them) (much appreciated, also used by Mallmann on Friday) and finally, a dessert with apricots.

When we're designing an Argentine lunch, we have to say, many more Europe The wine, which is typically local, was also chosen by the chefs, of course, but he chose more grapes than the symbolic Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other grapes in high-quality Argentinian styles such as fashion.

Chef Fernando Trocca on the menu at Malba (Germán García Adrasti)

Chef Fernando Trocca on the menu at Malba (Germán García Adrasti)

Collective imagination of people dedicated to washing dishes in terms of safety and to infectious ones poisoningTrocca says he didn't say he was "doing this, but it could happen."

There is one I have already tried this menuOwn Awada. "We did a tasting with him and he approved of it, it was just a change after one or two days of tasting, because they wanted us to change the spider crab, because it would be another meal. Shrimps," he says.

Although they will cook in Malba's restaurant, they will not be able to eat there, "the table was set up in another part of the museum". But it is close, so you won't have any problems with the temperature of the dishes.

Every cook is the first to come and leave. This also applies to Trocca. In the middle of a besieged city, 8: 30 am, the "chef and waitresses" began at the meeting point of the 15-person team.

Melanya and Juliana in Malba (Reuters)

Melanya and Juliana in Malba (Reuters)

Chief, who's get rid of an accident and so if you are using a walking stick, you will have to walk four blocks to Malba. There are no exceptions. Then, pipe He stood in front of the museum and saw the fences and tanks of the Prefectura and the City Police.

Both he and his team had to be accredited. "With their passport and credentials on Thursday." There they warned something vital to the menu: "On Friday we had to get everything, and then they would not let us in." Trocca, of course, brought his own blades.

Trocca worked for eight years in a company with many restaurants with our best products. The majority in the UK will not eat your belly, but also in Dubai, Beirut and Hong Kong. His job was to train and design the menu as well as train the chefs. Then someone like Know how Argentina will be adapted to foreign pleasures.

Even so, they will not be closer to the guests that they chose the menu they chose, as Mallmann did.

"In principle, I won't talk to the first ladies. I prefer not to talk all the time. But in this case, first of all, I want heroes to have delicacies. We do not, "closes and starts to cook food in the museum.

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