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Measles: the goal encountered vaccines


95% of children in Neuquén received the dose specified by the national campaign.

Neuquen. The public health system covers 95 per cent of the population, making it a target for the National Vaccination Campaign against Measles and Rubella in the territory of Neuquén.

According to the provincial government, 40,594 children were vaccinated between 13 months and 4 years in the campaign that ended on November 30th. The Ministry of Health said, "The proposed target was met."

During the two months of the campaign, health teams worked to facilitate access to the vaccine. In order to inform and vaccinate the children between the ages of 13 months and four, we worked with programs and special days to visit the dose, visited institutions such as kindergartens, kindergartens, child care centers, houses, neighborhood commissions and public places with high participation. annually included

Bulundu This is the success of inoculants, üzerinde the Ministry of Justice referred to the Ministry of Health's Immunization and Immune Disease Oversight program, referring to Araceli Gitlein, nurses working on the campaign and health officials.

The campaign in 2018 allowed 95 per cent of the population to achieve the vaccination target, and the events in 2014 reached 81 per cent, and active research for children was reported until the medical report. December 14 Gitlein said, "In the entire province, there were 2900 children without vaccination," he said, adding that "the biggest concentration around 2400 is around 200 in the Neuquén capital and in the San Martin de los Andes". Therefore, these places should continue to work and look for these children. The remaining 300 are distributed in different locations. "


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