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Mazza's husband orders her to lose weight and defends her


”I thought it was very funny,“ said Alejandro Gravier, who defends postpartum orders, u he is not a tyrant, u he explains.

Mazza's husband orders her to lose weight and defends her

Valeria Mazza: low profile storm / in the eyes of the web

Valeria Mazza made a career far from scandals: the best model ever got into grammatical confusion and always chose a low profile and distance to preserve grace. So far: In recent weeks, "PH can speak," he adds a series of discussions to the wording of the trial on Saturday.

First of all, Valeria talked about feminism and she said that after years of inequality, she felt that she was fighting for her rights because she was fantastic and that et what I dislike is when women lose their femininity yıl. We don't have to occupy the same place with men because we're not equal. We were born for different things. "

Later, when he was murdered on Twitter, a few days later he was invited to the program by Mirtha Legrand. After four weeks of pregnancy, he said, after all, the demands of his husband, Alejandro Gravier, and more controversies erupted. . Is it true that I've shown a picture before and I said you should be skinny again like this picture? Doğru di Diva asked her. He replied positively and said, "Yes. Damn it!"

The answer to Tuitósfera was tremendous, the reason this model left this weekend to lower the deciblenousness of the situation in avi PH, we can talk, Konuş and the rationale for Gravier after the critics accepted by the rumors: abı I laughed; because it looked so beautiful. I think it is funny. However, you'll find the & # 39; Gravier tyrant & # 39; After that, not at all.

Ve I enjoyed my pregnancies so much that I got 20 pounds in pregnancy: I've never been pregnant before because I like them so much, and then I go to work to be good and go back to work çünkü So my children have been three years: it took me some time to get better and get back to work. I enjoyed it and didn't request anything from me, b he explained.

When asked by the driver, Andy Kusnetzoff, if the woman had a postpartum depression, the model replied: d Yes, but bad. I was at home five days after the birth and I started crying and said: se These hormones, they're all good., And people looked at me. He said, "It's done, nothing's happening."

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