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Mauricio Macri presents new PAMI drug delivery system and promises better prices – 11/05/2018


President Mauricio Macri submitted a new deal on the purchase of medicines from PAMI, which eliminates the mediation of Monday's rooms, on Monday, which would provide better prices for retirees.

Macri, from the Pablo Cassará laboratory located in Mataderos' Buenos Aires district, joined Sergio Cassinotti, the social worker. He also stressed the importance of national industry and worked with scientists.

En Today we have a stronger and more robust PAMI that can provide a better service. These include access to quality medicines for our retirees who currently pay 16% less than other social services. and We have already seen the results of the first tender: 68% discount. That's what we're looking for, so that's the effort we're making, "Macri said.

Since 1997, the head of state reminded that drug purchases are made through intermediaries who are the rooms of the sector, which are callers and then decide to make a discount.

"The system did not work, not competitive or transparent. And this produced a weak, unstable PAMI that was left behind in the payment of medicines and prostheses. And it was a great loss for retirees, "she questioned.

The new system was implemented last week, and five national and international national and international individual agreements were signed with the five pharmacy pharmacies. This new mechanism brought a new computer system to 13,000 pharmacies distributed throughout the country.

Ir This is about what is central to our Government, that is, to everyone, to what we have to deal with our retirees. But it also has to do with a way of looking at life and politics. To improve, a society must set these goals, be willing to compete to be better. This healthy competition is what leads to innovation and development.. And that's what we want in this industry, "Macri said today.

In addition, he emphasized the "strength of the Argentine pharmaceutical industry" and demanded "to continue to work with a healthy and transparent system that provides care to the consumer within the rules of competitiveness to access all scientific value and access new markets." .

"When the system is running, the consumer wins, the company wins. The whole society wins. In this way we have to have a more open, transparent and competitive society with each passing day," he concluded.

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