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Mauricio Macri meets with Director of the IMF, who returned to congratulate him – 01/12/2018


Mauricio Macri met with Christine Lagarde for 30 minutes. The Argentinean president took over the International Monetary Fund in his office.

First time Since the signing of the meeting in New York at the end of September at the United Nations General Assembly, the chairman and director of the multilateral credit institution, the agreement concluded that the

IMF and President Mauricio Macri from Christine Lagarde, this Friday during the G20 photo-ceremony. (Photo of Ludovic MARIN / AFP)

IMF and President Mauricio Macri from Christine Lagarde, this Friday during the G20 photo-ceremony. (Photo of Ludovic MARIN / AFP)

The president of Argentina was accompanied by Finance Minister Nicolás Dujovne and the head of the Central Bank, Guido Sandleris. In addition to the IMF, in addition to Lagarde, Roberto Caldarelli and David Lipton, the owner of the mission in Argentina, are participating in the second edition of the agreement.

"Had multi-protocol meeting. The director made use of his participation in the G20 to celebrate his leadership and the success of the summit. "Said.

They also ensured the balance of the Argentine economic plan after IMF loans. "It was a meeting with great friendship," he insisted.

Macri and Lagarde extended "their romance", which the President described as "crush" in New York.

Lagarde was the best G20 to testify to. This is stated in a short video on Instagram. "I would really like to congratulate Argentina and the Argentineans because it was a fantastic moment of the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, it was a very nice meeting, we were all concerned about the meeting for many reasons and became one of the best meetings thanks to the Argentines. "I've been a senior G20. For more than a decade, this was the best for them," said Lagarde.

Former minister Nicolas Sarkozy also congratulated the President on Twitter. "I met with President Mauricio Macri, praised his commitment to strengthening the Argentine economy and preserving social spending, and the key to highlighting the strict and inclusive growth of his plan," the IMF will continue to support efforts. Argentina wrote "on the social network.

They said this near the Dujovne Lagarde Argentina has a full deal on the financial program. . They are financially very satisfied and less doubtful about the monetary dimension of the first contract signed mem, they elaborated.

Close to Dujovne, waiting for Macri and Lagarde review the progress of the program. Macri and Dujovne will once again thank Lagarde for the support of the Monetary Fund. . There will be a very formal meeting in the G20. Memnunlar, erçev he told Hacienda.

The payment plan is still valid. Last year was $ 6700 million. As stipulated by the agreement, it is no longer expected to provide extra funds for social spending.

The head of the IMF also referred to the global economy and expressed concerns about the high level of indebtedness. "An urgent problem is the extreme level of global debt: the IMF estimates are around $ 182 trillion." It is important to reconstruct reserves and inverse policies especially for emerging market countries and low-income countries with high indebted countries. public prosecutors said in a statement.

The head of the fund stressed that world growth was "strong" in world meetings with the world leaders, but expressed concerns about cooling the economy and increasing inequality. Al The pressures on emerging markets have increased and the commercial tensions have become negative reflections, al he said. Said.

Lagarde thanked Macri again for the organization of the Summit. Imi I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the President for the effective leadership of the G-20, “he insisted.

It was the fifth time of the President and the director of the IMF. The G7 meeting in Quebec coincided with; In New York and twice in Buenos Aires, under the G20.

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