Friday , July 30 2021

Mauricio Macri blames Aerolíneas for lack of efforts to prevent floods

President Mauricio Macri spoke about floods in the southern Buenos Aires suburbs after a storm on Saturday, and has blamed the subsidies for Aerolineas Argentinas in recent years due to these subsidies.required studies may have been made long ago To avoid this. "

Heavy rains this Saturday caused floods in different districts of the city in several municipalities in southern Buenos Aires and La Plata. Given this situation, President Quilmes expressed concern about the situation and had the opportunity to emphasize the work of the Executive.

"These storms are here to stay and Investing in the best infrastructureAs we do in Buenos Aires, we're also doing, for example, in Mar del Plata, "Macri said.

Then he returned to a topic he talked about throughout the week: Aerolineas Argentinas. On Thursday, the aviation unions paralyzed the company's operations for ten hours and left 30,000 passengers stuck. ”It's not fair that 95% of the planes who can't use airplanes pay for the operation of the Airlines.”

Thus, the head of state, the state-owned and the company has received in the last decade almost criticized the sending of subsidies. 37 billion dollars Treasury aidaccording to company numbers.

In this sense, Macri insisted: için It is too impotent to know that a small part of the wasted part of the airline is not possible to do the necessary work long ago to prevent this. Bu

Transport Minister Guillermo Dietrich announced it last week. The possibility that the government would consider privatizing the airline was "zero". ”The problem was a historical privilege system that defines who is working, who is distorted, who no longer decides on the Airline or other companies, that we have discussed.“

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