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Martín Fierro Radio 2018: received by ovation Pinky and Cacho Fontana – 11/26/2018

In addition to the awards given to 30 items, Martin Fierro Radio was a night in 2018. It was the turn of Riverito first and then he came. Recognition of Pinky and Cacho Fontana.

He began to respect the large trajectory of two big players on the Argentinean television and radio. "The people of Aptra have asked me for this mission. This lady is called Pinky, radio and television. And this boy Cacho Fontana " Hector Larrea presented them on stage.

After everyone applauded the Sheraton, Cacho said: "We live in an overflow of love, good treatment and generosity. And an illusion, being the best possible for us for so long. "

Then the driver who succeeded with the program in Rivadavia Fontana Show He addressed the audience who accompanied him for years: m We miss you very much, we don't know how difficult it is to get away from this environment, such a generous way with us. Bye, maybe, to my audience.

Cacho Fontana and Pinky at the Martin Fierro Radio 2018 at Honore. Larrea, the person responsible for presenting them (Captura TV).

Cacho Fontana and Pinky at the Martin Fierro Radio 2018 at Honore. Larrea, the person responsible for presenting them (Captura TV).

"Thank you, very rude thing, but it's true. Thanks to everyone from my mother to the audience, "Cacho felt pure emotion.

Besides, Lidia Satragno gave the following sentence: "Radio and TV, the only place in the world I've never been afraid of.". He and Cacho lived together in a geriatric residence and went out, especially to distinguish themselves.

"It's been 30 years before I saw each other with Cacho, and one day he called me and invited me to the Inter Plaza." This respect has made me so much sensitive and devoted to him, because otherwise he would not be here ".

For the moment, Larrea gave Martin Fierro both and asked for a strong applause that was really felt in the hall. "They're doing us well because they want to make us feel good."Thanked Cacho. Pinky added: "Thanks to everyone."

Pinky and Cacho Fontana (Archive).

Pinky and Cacho Fontana (Archive).

In July, he was interviewed by Pinky. Clarín: "I feel invisible" he accepted. I feel invisible when I'm not in contact with people, but suddenly things are very strange to me. Amazing things happen. They called me to the Argentine Embassy in Malvinas, Ethiopia. The love of the people was the most beautiful thing to me. Call, pray. And I threw a foot in the street and touched it. "

Fontana talked about it. pipe From the geriatric, six months ago in PalermoHala Old age was something I didn't expect, I didn't know what it was: I still stay. When a person thinks it will be great, it is very difficult. It is not easy to have a commitment to overcome, to have the obligation to stand up. Now I don't feel like I'm retiring, but I feel like I've completed a cycle. "

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