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Mars is ready for InSight's mission; lands on monday


InSight took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Photo: Pixabay

InSight took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Photo: Pixabay


Spacecraft InSight & # 39; s Preparing for Soft landing on the surface of Mars On November 26, scientists pay attention to NASA's new mission's orbit.

Merkez It's hard to get to Mars, c said Thomas Zurbuchen, deputy director of the Department of Scientific Affairs at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) headquarters in Washington. Skill requires focus and preparation year. "

InSight is the first to review Mars's deep interiors Vandenberg Air Force Base May 5, in the center of California.

It is estimated that the Mars atmosphere has reached its peak. 19.800 kilometers per hour and reduce the speed to eight kilometers per hour before the three legs touch the "red planet" floor.

This overshoot should happen under seven minutes. After this landing time along Mars' dangerous atmosphere, InSight will touch Mars land around 20:00 on Monday. The US space agency also appeared on the website in Spanish.

It is exciting to land on Mars, but scientists are looking forward to the immediate aftermath of InSight's land, "said Lori Glaze, vice president of the Department of Planetary Sciences at NASA headquarters.

He claimed that the spacecraft built itself on the "red planet" and that its vehicles were deployed. begin to collect information All these are valuable on the deep inner structure that will help to understand the formation and evolution of rocky planets.

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