Monday , December 6 2021

María Valenzuela admitted that Mirtha Legrand has consumed a "cannabis fall"


María Valenzuela reappeared in the Mirtha Legrand program and saw it very well. Now he has long hair and a smile that shows the great personal and work he has gone through. Although everything is not pink in life, it is much better when they had to take her to a psychiatric clinic a few months ago.

The player sometimes took panic attacks but took shelter in his house. "My house is my shelter, I know I'm safe there, on the street, sometimes I cry, a grief that ends with a panic attack, I've waited for it to solve, I have to do therapy, but I run away," he commented.

Dulce Amor, a former Dulce Amor, said that her friend's death put her in a state of sadness and pain: im I did not eat because I had a very strong depression, a line and the death of a friend who resembled the death of a brother, There was also a job related to a hotel and a job There was a moment, a friendly friend told my children and went to the psychiatrist ".

Then came an unexpected confession. He said he only took one, and he was consuming "drops of cannabis." Driver with a surprised face, struck: "Can you take the drops of cannabis? Oh, are they good?"

Valenzuela didn't hesitate to answer: "Three in the morning, three in the night, people in the age of 60" or 70 "give marijuana to their bones and muscles, it's proven to be very good, I buy from Chile."

"How remarkable"was fully accepted by diva.

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