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Marcelo Longobardi: "Cristina Kirchner was obsessed with me, very stressful" – 06/12/2018


Journalist Marcelo Longobardi He confirmed that former President Cristina Kirchner was "an obsession with him", that he was the victim of espionage, and that there was "more pressure" during Kirchnerism.

"For the mil, it was the moment I took the most pressure, and I had a very bad time in Menem, not comparable to Kirchnerism, I never thought of releasing everything, creating a lot of stress. they were nervous, we started to work on the radio with the radio, the radio had a violent atmosphere because the street was fenced, ayd Longobardi said. We are already big (TN).

She added: Kirch On one occasion, Mrs. Kirchner stopped capturing Todo Notici- dais, began to misunderstand me with the Radio Miter and, as with me and Jorge Lanata, was obsessed with me, I took a critical position with Kirchners. First day. "

And he went on: karmaşık We have gone through very complicated situations with Daniel Hadad.s. For example, at the beginning of the Kirchner, I was a press officer at Puerto Madero – a large part of the press grew up with Kirchners – and the next day when I asked Kirchner to re-register, and I criticized Daniel Hadad in a folder. I saw him. So we started. 2003, 2004, 2005 & quot;

Longobardi, obsession of order

In another part of the report, the more color, Longobardi, described his story, his family, and even his desire to have a dog in his daughters' house. Why did the journalist deny it? Basically, it's an obsession with order. So the things coming from the program showed a series of images directly from the house: the table was clean, neat, with all items of the same size; shoes sorted by name, shirts ordered by colors. And he heard another demand for his daughters, which he refused: he became a fan of Boca.

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