Sunday , March 7 2021

LinkedIn used 18 million user's e-mails without permission – Apps – Technology

According to the Data Protection Commissioner, the network used emails to get more subscribers.


The report states that emails from millions of Europeans who are not using LinkedIn are used to send personalized ads and join the network.


Tecnosfera Writing

November 26, 2018, 06:42.

According to a report from the business social network of the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland LinkedIn violated European data protection by attempting to get more users using email accounts of 18 million users.

According to the investigation, in the first period of this year, until May In the social network, accounts were used to get people who are not users of LinkedIn Facebook & # 39;

The document states that European users' emails are also used to send personalized advertisements, and that these algorithms are used to create social charts to propose professional networks.

The social networks had not been fined, they just drew attention to the fact that they ended on LinkedIn, forgiving their actions and asking for forgiveness for what happened.

But it's not all over, there is a question left open: How did LinkedIn reach 18 million e-mail?


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