Wednesday , October 20 2021

Lindsay Lohan showed up after being criticized for her aging.


The newspaper's newspaper revealed photographs of an actress recalled by several children and teenage tapes.

Controversial American actress Lindsay Lohan became the cover of the magazine paper representative Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, princesses Disney.

The publication revealed photographs of the actress, remembered by several children's and youth tape. You can observe the images Lohan dressed Snow White According to the original story, this princess was poisoned with an apple, so the 32-year-old held this red fruit in her hands, assuming a distinctive neckline in which she piqued her prominent makeup and a beautiful necklace.

Dressed as Sleeping Beauty, Lindsay She has a pink dress with fluffy sleeves, a long yellow wig and a golden crown.

The actress could show her red hair and dark red lips when she incarnated. Ariel, Little Mermaid In the image, we can see it with a long pearl necklace.

dressing Cinderella, Lindsay He used a blond hair again, but now on a pickup held by blue ribbons. Your sequin dress and satin gloves will definitely please you.

Old star Disney he explained paper He also defended the problem while trying to help a family of refugees in Russia. "I misunderstood. I learned the lesson. And all I have to say is"he declared.

Also in social networks Twitter and Instagram this "One way to check the story".

Lindsay Lohan, actress stole our heart in the actress movie Twins game and in his youth Heavy Girlsit was sharply criticized last month and on the emergence of photos of its aging face and battered skin.

Users on social networks were fun and even They said it looked like a 60-year-old woman.

Lindsay Lohan's eye-catcher

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