Monday , May 16 2022

Let us change the movement against & # 39; s news instantly


The last movement of the opposition, a less-than-a-chair in the Magistracy Council, was conceived by the same ruling party three years ago.

In 2015, the unification of Cambiemos prevented Pablo Tonelli from invading a bank in the body that controlled Justice, but Kirchner tried to block the conjecture.

The appointment defended by precautionary measures against non-compliance.

In December 2015, the case reached the National Court of Justice, which suspended the appointment of Tonelli until its background status was clarified.

Tonelli's impulse came when Kirchnerism's first minority role was reduced. There, Emilio Monzó, President of the House of Representatives, took advantage and sent the relevant note.

Lastly, the argument of the judicial party, which was judged judiciously, was not the issue of a block, but the number of members of the blocks.

Peronism used this past on Friday and designed a block ad hoc To stay in two places in the Magistrature Council and to remove the majority from the government.

On Tuesday, new councilors should swear to court.

Until Thursday, the ruling party had 8 places from 13 locations and allowed the majority to control the Council. Now the situation is equal: the power of 7 seats and 6 opposition.

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