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Learned: Florencia Peña didn't pay tribute to Ricardo Fort in "Bailando 2018" – 12/07/2018


As known: Florence Peña tribute last night was not Thursday Ricardo Fort in "Dancing 2018"Of course"showmatch"(Thirteen).

Studio choreography after exploded with emotion Mica Viciconte and his team, dedicated to the memory of the millionaire revolutionizing the Argentinean television, rock It was very uncomfortable. He confessed to his statements.Show experts", driving program Marcelo Polino On the screen of El Trece.

In the context of their emotional tribute Ricardo Fort, Marcelo Tinelli the video they recorded, especially the occasion, Marta and Felipe Fort, Ricky's children who hold legal guardianship Gustavo MartínezThis study was present.

Ricardo Fort honored

Ricardo Fort, "ShowMatch", was honored by Mica Viciconte. (Photo: Jorge Luengo).

"On his way explained his upset with tribute developed"Dancing 2018" Florence Peña among other things, "Experts show":" Ricardo Fort doesn't represent the values ​​I accept. To give a man a tribute to the value of money as a value is not something that creates excitement. "

He said, "jury member."Dancing 2018"Confessed the children Ricardo Fort "They go to school with Toto (son of Flor Peña) and see Gustavo as very exciting … I'm not the one who judges love."

He then continued shooting with thick ammunition against the character he knew how to move. Ricardo Fort TV: "Ricardo Fort didn't like me at all," he said. "I've set values ​​for what should be encouraged in a media." And so, he continued with the tirade about the place Castle I gave them to women. Watch the video in full Florence Peña:

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