Saturday , May 8 2021

Laurita Fernández blasts against Martín Bossi: “The best machismo”

Laura Fernandez then exploded in rage Martin bossi She said she was on a TV show protect home adjacent, next to Federico Hoppe when he has a relationship with the driver. “Best machismo“He pointed.

During your visit to the program Game room he drives Granados Immigration, the comedian described the details of a night when a friend visited his girlfriend because “I had doubts”. The driver asked his guest, not wanting to name him: “Is it true that you escorted a friend to his house to see if he was at his girlfriend’s house?” Prior to the consultation, Bossi confirmed without thinking that the incident had indeed happened, saying “it is not possible to elaborate that much”.

We had doubts. He had Monogamy relationship, Is it open? He dated gamik monkeys and was with gamik giraffes. There were several giraffes. We arrived and the giraffe was inside because it was heard“He remembered it humorously.” Without a name, please, “he asked.

Laurita Fernández’s argument with Martín Bossi: “The best machismo”

Later, Granados claimed he was “not responsible for anything”. But, The announcer was the person who revealed people’s identity including: Bossi escorted Hoppe to Fernández’s house to see if Fede Bal was there.”. Bossi at the end insulted and tried to go by exposure.

Seeing the note made by the humorist, Laura shared her anger on Twitter: “The best machismo.”

Everything would be At the end of 2015, months ago Federico Bal to end his relationship with Barbie Vélez and Fernández closed her story with the producer, who apparently suspects something is happening between them.

The dancer, who was consulted about the episode once, said: “I did not see him. Then I learned but not interested he told a historian to see me nothing ” Angels of the morning.Imagine that I am in another phase of my life. “If I held myself back then and didn’t say anything … except I’ll do it now,” he said.


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