Friday , January 21 2022

L-Ghent: Artist’s demands for show come to light


L-Gante You can earn more than 4 million pesos per show. Now, a user on Twitter has published a document detailing the requirements that producers of music shows must meet in order to have the services of the singer.

“Let everybody work, but L-Gante You’ve Gone To Hell: Look What He Wanted to Act Acting “Hernán De Vivo (@lavozdetuspot) posted. And he announced that “the show was suspended, even postponed.”

According to Gente Magazine, the most unusual orders come to the required “locker room” section: two packs of mineral water, two packs of energizers, one whiskey, two champagne, cheese board and cold cuts (also pizza, burgers or fast food), small sandwiches, a PlayStation 4 or 5 console with FIFA and COD (Call of Duty) video games, and a 55-inch or higher LED TV.

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