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Jorge Lanata | "End of Maldonado"


December 1, 2018

"A cynical example of media production," the journalist said.

Jorge Lanata

By Jorge Lanata for Diario Clarín

A few days ago, La Matanza, Rodolfo Orellana was murdered in the context of the evacuation of the police in a land seizure in Puente 12. The deadly bullet broke into his body, lost himself in the field. When I found this, I thought it was embarrassing: lead-free, I never knew who killed him. Other invaders resisting the arrival of the police or neighbors?

Then I remembered that I was in Argentina: the bullet was the least important thing. Even with rounds in hand, the arguments of both sides will remain unchanged. The facts in our country have disappeared. The same week, the press release was upset at the alleged "missing" claim by journalist Martin Licata, who wrote under the publications and was signed by Martín D & # 39; Amico.

I had brochures and starters and asked to request "live view". The body of Licata appeared last Saturday with a sadomasochistic rubber braid around his neck at a hotel handcuffed in Flores.

Until then, the hypothesis was that his disappearance was triggered by an article he wrote against George Soros. It was possible to think that Soros would send a journalist to kill a journalist who wrote a note full of ordinary places in a metro magazine. Some groups also believed this.

We live a very important life, which we must consider ourselves as mortal enemies of the system. The same is happening on the phones made by telephone: Everyone believes that the State is listening to them, is very important and is alive.

Last Thursday, it was thought that these legends would be the most noisy: a new specialization showed again in the DNI of Santiago Maldonado where the corpse died.

The "disappearance" of Maldonado was the most cynical case of media construction, which had to face the current administration. Most of the lead actors lied on purpose, trying to manipulate the public with a bitter reality that became political in the worst sense of the word.

Was the gendarmerie "stay"? They died in interrogation? Macri, did he eliminate anyone? – And in this case, why, as a leader, without a bir danger başka other than joining a road show, a craftsman with no transcendence? Was it before or after Maldonado's death?

The country experienced the minute details of the investigation: there were now duplicated versions of the processes that are currently deceptive. There were no binoculars, no gendarmes surrounded anyone, there was no questioning in secret prisoners, there was a 27-year-old child drowning.

K actors had black-and-white videos, there were ceasefire lawyers who dared to go with false evidence, there were many people who knew that everything was a lie, there were teachers standing in front of their class. students in Santiago. There was no one who didn't understand what was happening before and now, and now that they lie to them.

At the first autopsy, 55 official and departmental experts ended up without a dissident in which Maldonado died. Three experts and experts from INTI's plastic experts have now found that 12 test-papers submerged in the water for 90 days out of the Chubut River are similar to those found in Santiago's pocket. The body of the tattoo artist was not "sewn" and he stayed in the river where he had found him for 78 days.

Finally, the judge ruled that it was m necessary to eliminate forced disappearance altogether Son. He added: "The simplicity of the works is when the patent, the fake speculation they are blowing. Rejecting reality to embody the absurdities and live with lies."

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