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Jimena Barón, who said that the love of his life: "My son's father, of course"


The participant in Dancing 2018, together with Morrison, chose Daniel Osvaldo as the most important man.

Jimena Barón announced love of his life

His constant smile and the brilliance in his eyes have a name and surname: Mauro Caiazza. Jimena Barón entertains the public with a previous Dancing 2018 Talked to his dancer of the day, he managed to conquer his heart. However, when asked about the love of his life, the singer surprised his statements.

"Who was the love of my life? Until now, my son's father, of course. He's the person I decided to have. I'm very, very, very in love. ”In dialogue with Jimena face to face.

"Who is the love of my life? Up until now, my son's father, of course, is the person I've decided to have children with, I'm very, very in love with."

In addition, he asked if he could feel the same for another man, the interviewer said: "No, not so farBir After meeting some of the candidates who had a love story with the Baron, "he said. Matías Tasín (Later it became a pair Nicole Neumann) Juan Martín del Potro, Rodrigo Romero and Daniel Osvaldowith whom did you take your child Morrison, 4 years old.

Finally, the artist said about the people who believed that his relationship with Caiazza would continue until the end of the program. I want to hear a little more faith about everyone because I'm so happy. I'm in love. "

He said!

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