Saturday , June 25 2022

Jimena Barón announced love of his life


Right now, Jimena Barón he is a dancer with a very hooked Mauro Caiazza and since he left the footballer Daniel OsvaldoI had a short romance with him Matías Tassín, old Nicole Neumanncrossed his arms Juan Martín del Potro and flirt with a short time Rodrigo Romero, the hero El PotroThe actress has acknowledged, until now, that she is the love of her life, her son Morrison.

"Until now, the love of my life, of course, was the father of my son. He's the one I decided to have kids with. I was very, very much in love"Jimena admitted face to face.

"What if I felt the same thing again? No, not so far"Then he said.

Later, Jimena referred to the length of his relationship with Caiazza: Bailando? "This can happen anytime. And I'm doing so badly that I have a very clear idea that this can happen. I'd like to hear a little more faith in everyone, because I'm very happy. I'm in love"It ended.

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