Sunday , October 17 2021

"It's hard to score." The participant was able to carry the jury of the Dance!


Last night was one of the most emotional nights. Dancing 2018. Some couples appeared on the dance floor to move and move with original tributes. In this case Jimena Barn I decided to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin. The actor and singer discussed her choice: Jimena said, "With strong women fighting for their rights, in her case, for civil rights."

Apparently identification with Aretha allowed him to pass on all his feelings, and at the start of his performance he managed to move the jury against his partner, Mauro Caiazza, despite his discomfort. The first elimination was ngel de Brito: "I liked the second part more than the first one, I chose the themes, I saw some inaccuracies not so important, I liked ballet and the finishing touches were singers." journalist with secret ballot.

Before his return from Laurita Fernndez, Barn talked about the dancing's unsuccessful moment, and when the gigantic screen opened, there was a mistake and his dance was crushed, distracted and distorted by worry and staging. After the 1st referee, Laurita said, eni In the end, they became very strong, Jimena sang and did not address emotion, but they spoke to the talent dedi, they were the blonde critic of the podium and they were qualified for 8.

Later, Florencia Pea joins Fernndez on his comeback:; It's hard to evaluate the delegations, I love listening to Jimena, I didn't realize it in front of what happened to the screen. Daha Therefore, art must be alive and there must be defects. "Actor said 8, and in the fourth round, Marcelo Polino closed his comeback tour:" I didn't know much about this woman's life, I just noticed the songs, the mistake, and the performance I had. "

The pair got a good score: 18 points, something that puts them in the middle of the table, for the lowest for Julin Serrano and Sofi Morandi, the smallest of the 9 points and the sentence. Finally, to close the presentation on the last night's broadcast, Jimena said goodbye with a thank-you and controversial statement to Barn: "I am shy and want to make my rage known to Luca Prez femicides with absolute patriarchal justice. But today and always be," she concluded.

I looked at the choreography of Jimena and Mauro:

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