Saturday , November 28 2020

It has angered all iPhone users for years

There was a Twitter user, Krissy Brierre, which received only 56,000 rebounds from the viral. trick Android has already existed for years, but iPhone It is absolutely unknown even without believing that “its use is unknown for years ir.

Since the beginning of this keyboard, this simple trick, which is available on the Google keyboard, is to use the space bar as the cursor, which is one of the options we found in the Gboard settings by typing a space.

At the same time, his iPhone 6S has already cited the terminals of this function, the date of 2015, but did not know completely thousands of people.

Therefore, you can enable this option in Google keyboard settings without difficulty. This allows us to correct the text very easily, change a letter, write in capital letters, enter punctuation, or do something else. All you have to do is scroll your finger into the space bar and it will work as a cursor instead of trying your fingers one more time between the words of a text correctly.

In addition, what seems to have not discovered the users of iPhone can be done using the 3D Touch. If we press on the keyboard, the cursor function is activated so that we do not need to lower our finger towards the space bar. This is a faster and more efficient way to use the cursor.

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