Friday , June 24 2022

It has a rare disease and can be burned alive with sunlight.


54 years old woman passed Most of his life was locked in his house. He suffers from a rare illness that keeps him from the world, If it comes into contact with some rays of the sun, it can cause a large wound and unbearable pain.

Fatima Pérez suffers from a rare disease Genetic and hereditary xeroderma pigmentosum affecting the skin (XP) caused pain Severe pain when exposed to ultraviolet rays or artificial lights.

The woman cannot leave her home during the day or even when the sky is cloudy, it may be her disease, and even a lighted lamp can damage her.

The woman created a page to help people affected by XP, and the story was fully known.

According to Fatima in 1998, many doctors did not know about the disease, so instead of treating her, she had many treatments that further complicated her health, He had severe burns all over his body, even for treatments. lost eye.

No one was able to explain what happened, but she went to the United States with her brother to find someone who could help the United States.

He is currently based in Connecticut, United States. XP formed a foundation called Luz de Esperanza Group.

Going outside is complicated, dark glasses, gloves, sunscreen hats, and more than two pounds of clothing, but you are not willing to give up.or the goal is to create awareness about pigment xeroderma and find the resources that will help.To Latin American families affected by this disease.

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