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Investigate the crime of the CTEP militant in an area taken in La Matanza – 11/22/2018

Rodolfo Orellana Popular Economy Workers Militant Confederation (CTEP) and, according to his own organization, he was killed by a shot fired by policemen from Buenos Aires in Maoza's lands taken from Bridge 12. The medical report of 36-year-old man's body indicates no entry or exit hole caused by a bullet and this occurs on the shoulder blade in the head formed by two wound-one superficial and the other a sharp object. According to this statement, the Buenos Aires Department of Security argues that Orellana died in a quarrel between two groups opposing the land accepted this morning.

The Prosecutor Jorge Yametti, the Finance Representative of the UFI Judiciary, is responsible for conducting the investigation in Matanza. The images break through hearts, showing Orellana and her comrades who are trying to revive her.

CTEP condemns that Rodolfo Orellana was killed by the police. Facebook Facebook

CTEP condemns that Rodolfo Orellana was killed by the police. Facebook Facebook

"The police came to the area after a 911 call, where there was a disagreement between the two groups for a group," the Buenos Aires Security Ministry said in a statement. There were firearms and verbal passages before the first phones arrived. physical between both sides.

They claim that Bolivian citizens who are trying to oppose the attempts of a group of people of Paraguayan origin are trying to assert their claims. pipe.

Official information shows that a population of Bolivian origin lived for two years. However, another group, together with Paraguayis, claim to have taken these lands and claim to belong to them. CTEP admits the deceased's acceptance I wanted to enter the property taken with another group of people..

The results of the medical report issued by the Ministry of Security, chest, abdomen and skull, you don't see a bullet and no exit holes. An entry hole caused by a wound wound with an existing sharp object.

CTEP gave a press conference in which he gave an explanation for what happened. CTEP president Juan Grabois, surrounded by Kirchner leaders such as Luis D & # 39; Elía, Eduardo Wado De Pedro and Hugo Godoy (Secretary General of the ATE), pipeOr Today, we mourn the death of a poor man in the removal of the land abandoned by the National State, dragged into despair. Our main hypothesis is that the neighbors were killed by the police according to their stories.. Of course, we'll wait for the skills and want the facts to be announced immediately ".

Orellana, who was known by her colleagues as Ronald, was active in the organization OLP (Organization Los Pibes), a part of CTEP. I had five children.

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