Tuesday , August 9 2022

Internet sales allowed SMEs to compensate for decline in consumption – Economy


According to a survey for the Argentinean Midsize Business Confederation (CAME), sixty-seven percent of Internet purchases grew by 50 percent annually, while concentrating on retailers and retail SMEs.

This was taken from the Focus Market consultancy report for CAME, highlighting that the most selected products are home appliances, electronics and computers (30%), clothing and footwear (20%), beverages and dry foods (11%). ).

Beyond the tourism services that pioneered the preferences of the buyer over the internet, the most preferred items increased up to 50% on annual basis.

CAME consultant and consultant Damián Di Pace stressed that SMEs dedicated to the internal market of electronic marketing are an alternative to correcting the decline in sales this year.

According to CAME; In October, retail sales of SMEs decreased by 9.4% compared to the same month of the previous year and were measured as unit and declined by 4.9% in the first ten months of the year.

Di Pace also explained that another segment that benefits from online marketing benefits from SMEs dedicated to sales to the foreign market, the Exporta Simple system and the competitive exchange rate.

In this diagram, üyor SMEs, which devote a large part of their production to niche markets, are transforming micro entrepreneurs into small exporters with their offerings in servers or regional search engines, Bu he added.

The survey also found that 41% had credit cards as a means of payment, 28% charged collection platforms, 20% paid cash, 10% debit payments over the web, and 1% & # 39; he also showed that he chose crypto money.

About the search tool uses 30% of traditional search engines, 25% of social networks, 17% of the manufacturer's website, and 13% of its expertise.

Finally, the preferred distribution systems have been withdrawn by 56% in the house distribution, 16% in the vendor's premises, and 13% in the network of delivery points that are not related to the vendor.

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